since 1958 Shinya Sushi

On Shakotan Peninsula, Furubira-cho
Continuing to grasp the third generation.
I got up near Furubira
Hospitable with fresh commitment materials.

Furubira town, Hokkaido

Born in Furubira town, love Furubira town,
Having held sushi in this place for more than half a century.
When coming to Shakotan Peninsula,
Please do not hesitate to drop in.

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Store introduction


新家寿司(Shinya Sushi)
13, Shinpei-cho Shinchi-cho, Kohei-gun, Hokkaido 046-0112
Business Hours / 11 o'clock - 20 o'clock
Closed Holiday / Irregular holiday * Mainly on Mondays I'm absent. Please check by phone when you come to the store.
Phone / 0135-42-2303
Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes by car (via the Fuji Expressway)
About 2 hours 15 minutes by bus (high speed shakotan)
About 10 minutes by car (National Highway No. 229)
About 50 minutes by bus (Hokkaido Chuo Bus)