Born in Furubira town, love Furubira town,
Having held sushi in this place for more than half a century.
When coming to Shakotan Peninsula,
Please do not hesitate to drop in.

Inherited the “taste, skill and mind” that lasted since the foundation in 1958,
Early, firmly carved my earlier feelings into my arms and chest,
We will hospitality with the best taste which can be tasted only by Furubira.
Fresh material that went up in the sea of the local Furubira,
Creating even more evolved cuisine,
I will hold you with soul and affection.
In order to keep the new-family sushi loved by customers,
Thank you for your satisfaction,
We aim to create shops where you can appreciate.

It is Furubira-cho surrounded by “blue sea and green mountain” for 1 hour 30 minutes from Sapporo,
All of our employees are waiting for you.

Shinsei Sushi 3 rd shop owner/ Yoshiaki Tagishi